Welcome to Our Community!

Patricia GallagherJohn GallagherWelcome to our community! Hopefully,  it will become yours.   This site is for people who have suffered with depression and their families who have been affected by the depression, as well. Speaking openly about depression has helped our family and we hope that this site will help you.

“The night that I jumped from a hospital window was truly the result of a buildup of stress that so altered my body chemistry. It literally took me out of my mind and made me do something that is literally not comprehensible.”
John J. Gallagher

Article in Guideposts Magazine

Pic john me guideposts couch

Real Men. Real Dads. Real Families. Real Depression. Here is our family’s story featured as the main story in Guideposts Magazine, July issue. Please click the blue link.

Link to Guideposts Magazine article

We welcome interviews and speaking engagements. Available to travel nationwide. I am so proud of my husband who is brave enough to talk about it, and to possibly save other lives.


Family picture, 2006




Click on the Team of Angels to view and download all of the poems.  You can also make a donation to support the Team of Angels Project.


5 responses to “Welcome to Our Community!

  1. Patricia and John Gallagher you 2 are definately a blessing from God, this is just what alot of people need, especially myself, and its a site where you can share your comments to help others and read inspiring comments that inspires you, I love it, do you all have any books? I would love to read something like this, I think this website is pure magic and God is my witness…..

  2. Just do the next indicated thing; the next right thing. if I am not sure what the next right thing is, then do the next thing right.

  3. “It’s what we do now with our passion: for a life that could be, that could change the future, that could reprise our vision.” T.B. Fisher, excerpt from Bought In: Lessons Learned by Established Hippies and Withered Flower Children.

  4. Patricia,

    This is great! How do I leave a story on this site?

    Thank you for all your great work.

    All my best to you,


    • Please go to our website http://www.speakingaboutdepression.com and click at the top of the site, at the right side. You will click the button that says ONLINE COMMUNITY. When you click ONLINE COMMUNITY, you will then see the button to SHARE YOUR STORY. Just write your story in the box and type submit. You will not see your story for a couple of days because we have to review stories and then put up on the site.

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