Chat with the authors, John and Patricia Gallagher, Consultation

Many visitors to the site ask us how to publish a book or would like to share their challenges related to a mental health issue.  John and I have created a way for people to chat with us, either about a personal struggle, how to get a book published, how to obtain favorable publicity, or any business or personal issue. Our consultation services are available when you need to someone to talk to about what is going on with yourself or a loved one. We are good listeners. The usual process is to make a payment on Paypal for the number of minutes that you would like to chat. You can start out with fifteen minutes and if you need more, just click for additional minutes. The Paypal message says TEAM OF ANGELS but that button is used for our consulting sessions, as well.

For those emergency times, you might even be able to reach me and schedule something right away.  I know how important it is to have a “best friend on call” so that is why we have made our telephone sessions available.

Fee for Telephone Session:

Our consultation fee is $1.00 per minute payable via Paypal, a check or money order or via credit cards. You may also email us for information:

Upon receipt of payment, we will contact you to schedule a telephone appointment time. If you live in the Phila area, we can meet in person.

4 responses to “Chat with the authors, John and Patricia Gallagher, Consultation

  1. John and Patricia,

    You are taking step by step walks in recovery. You have learned something very important and that is we cannot look to ourselves for survival. You are sharing your story and hoping to help others. You are investing your time into reaching out rather than reaching in.

    When we reach in, into ourselves, we will find questions of who, where, why, how long, when, how much, why not and so on. We will have questions after questions on the furture. See, we live in the now. Living right now is pretty much what we can handle.

    When you start your day, the questions of what to wear, what to eat, should I call this person or that on, should I leave work earlier or stay later to complete my work and on we go….we can be overwhelmed in TODAY.

    We must rely on God to help us. He is there waiting to help. He said for us to come to Him all who are weary and heavy laden. I will give you rest. We cannot do it. We must surrender to His plan and will for our lives.

    When life is so overwhelming and filled with too much, we get lost in the piles of everything waiting for an answer. Life answers come from God who can answer all of our questions.

    I am so thankful to see how you are reaching out to others. In turn, God is reaching out to you. He will take your hand and show you how to accomplish everything. He is our master, strength, hope, and Heavenly Father.

    You are marvelous people! You will be in my prayers. The Heavenly Father has peace for you. He is waiting to give it. He is there. He is your Keeper.

  2. Hi, I would so much like to be a part of the telephone conversation however, I live on dis ability and I am only able to pay my bills which I am so grateful for that. I have so many wonderful ideas for depression simply because my depression lasted for twelve years and what I went through brought me to this point of self love and self empowerment that I could never dream would ever happen to me. I keep this statement in my mind at all times,” live and love in the moment”.No matter what I have been through I could always see something that was wonderful transpiring in my life and it helped me to hold on through the years of wanting to die because the pain was so horrendous.

  3. I have taken stock of my strengths and my weakinesses honestly. I have more strengths than I do weakenesses so I give myself a B+. It is not perfection but it is pretty good, so I can live with myself

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