Article about John, cover story, magazine

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  1. I would love to just say my heart and admiration goes out to you and your family. Many in this world need to realize that depression is not a weakness of character.What angers me most is the fact that society as a whole looks to those who have some type of mental illness as less them human and I pray through stories like yours people and society as a whole must now realize that this is a serious illness something that can be addressed and helped with different approaches, And it has nothing to do with the caliber of a person’s character. My life history of depression that began as a child is one example of many. My story being different from yours is also another form or way that the public can be addressed with this very important subject. I am sixty-0ne years old and back when I was a child there just was nothing out there in the medical field that could help me or others who suffered from depression. My depression was a product of great loss at the age of one year and continued from there. The continual rape and sodomy that I suffered from the hands of my family for many years caused me to fracture and in order to cope I created different parts of myself. I know now the brain is a marvelous tool and it was my savior when I had no one else. I knew that when I reached the age of forty-nine and started to realize that I had created 57 persona’s to help me cope with my life that the most beneficial thing I could do for myself was to and for my other personalities was to start writing and that is what I did. At times the keys on the computer just flew just because as I wrote I also started to remember so much more and this just propelled me forward. This was the most cathartic writing I had ever experienced. I finished writing my autobiography and the title is” Shattered to the Core”. I wanted people in the world to realize that these persona’s were real people to me while I was going through this time period, they took the place of my fleshly family, so now you can see why I said the brain was a wonderful tool. I felt that people needed to realize what we all went through in our journey to get to know each other so therefore we as a groups of persona’s decided to let each person have their own say about who they were, why they came to be, what memories they had and each one was created to carry different traumatic memories. The thing that makes them so real is the fact that they were of different ages different races, some were very old and some were babies, some were little boys and some were men and women and teenagers. After my therapy ended and I made the choice to be a whole person, I needed to add to my book the trauma I went through as a person from one year into adulthood. I have had several counselors and therapists tell me after reading it that my book would be an invaluable tool in college classes to help those understand this real diagnosis. I believe that this is why I can honestly say today that I love myself and I admire what I have been through and I know my story can only in spire and teach others who need to know this and this is why I keep writing hoping that someone will listen to me. Thank you and God Bless for your story.

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