Article About Our Family Speaking Out

Our family spoke together for the first time in Dela

One response to “Article About Our Family Speaking Out

  1. I can very much relate to the suicide attempts, for I know that the enemy is busy trying to take out as many as he could and in a hurry, thats why some suicide attempts are successful, but it keeps me encouraged and proud to know that God had protection over me, and the attempts were not successful!
    When I was 14 years old I was so distressed, and what about was a somewhat mystery to me, no, I had so much going on in my life that made me feel that way, but I couldn’t penpoint anything, cause like I said my mom was steal heavily using drugs, we were not stable always getting evicted, I was a freshman in high school, so the peer pressure was rising, I had an image that I wasn’t sure of what or who it was, and I didn’t really like it, for it was very confused, so I just wanted out, so I tried to slit my wrists to end this mysery, now lets look on the bright side, God didn’t allow that attempt, cause as I sat in the tub filled with hot water and cut (slightly) and put my arms in the water, the water was too hot, and it caused my cuts to burn, so I wrapped up my arms and got out that tub and went somewhere and sat down, I’m too much of a punk to kill myself, cause I can’t take the pain……

    Although I didn’t stop there, years ago I made another attempt and of course it failed, cause I’m hear writing to you all, but since the attempts weren’t working I turned to marijuana and alcohol, which induced my mental illness (issues) but I am currently enrolled in a women’s group, obtaining empowerment, reenforcing encouragement, sharing and spreading self awareness, rebuilding self esteem, making new friends, and reaching back for old ones;
    please allow me to say stress, depression, all mental, physical and emotional scars we may have, God is not through with us yet, love ya Charlotte……….

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