Invitation to Speak – NAMI – Daylesford Abbey

PLACE: Daylesford Abbey, 220 South Valley Road, Paoli, PA 19301
CONTACT Jacki, 610-647– 2530 Extension 120
Join us at the Daylesford Abbey on Wednesday, March 24, at 7pm, as we welcome authors John and Patricia Gallagher, as they discuss their family’s book No More Secrets: a Family Speaks about Depression, Anxiety and Attempted Suicide.

The Gallaghers know what happy times look like – they lived in a great neighborhood, a comfortable home, they had a happy marriage, and four beautiful children. But when their family was ravaged by depression, they didn’t know where to turn, or how to cope. Many lessons were learned the hard way. They have written a book as a family, to help others deal with difficult situations. The book is a compelling narrative of a family shattered by attempted suicide. It tells of a family’s struggle to renew John’s interest in life.

Before depression came into their lives, the Gallaghers were featured twice on the Oprah Winfrey Show on a segment about the book Patricia had written, Raising Happy Kids on a Reasonable Budget. Back then, their family and home looked perfect from the outside.

John Gallagher was plunged into despair when his employer, a New Jersey pharmaceutical company, threatened layoffs. He could not sleep, did not eat and became withdrawn. The rest of the family knew something was wrong, but did not know what to do. Things got worse, and when John attempted suicide, the family was torpedoed emotionally and financially. Desperate to keep up appearances and ashamed of what had happened, they created a web of lies to cover up what really happened to John.

Now, nine years later, the Gallagher family has begun to tell their story, and have found healing and peace in the process. They want to help other families in difficult situations; whether it is a parent struggling with depression, addiction, alcoholism or a chronic illness, the ripple effect devastates each member of the family. Patricia will share their family’s stories and talk about the Team of Angels pins they have created.

There will be time for questions and answers and the Gallaghers will have copies of their book for sale.

John Gallagher is the father of four and holds an MBA from Saint Joseph’s University. He has worked as Senior Financial Manager for Bristol Myers Squibb, and has been employed by Unisys, Smith Kline Beecham and IBM. Like many responsible parents trying to provide for their families, he missed all of the signs of stress that then led to clinical depression. Patricia Gallagher holds a BA in Education and an MBA. She has appeared many times on television including on CNN, CNBC, with Oprah Winfrey, Sally Jesse Raphael and Maury Povich.

John currently works at Joseph A. Bank in Haverford.
Refreshments will be served. Please call to register.
( 610 647 2530, Extension 120)
Fee: $10 The Gallagher’s website is

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