Out of Adversity
© 2000 by Priscilla Y. Huff

We all go through hard times in our lives, and we can either curl up in a little ball and hide away somewhere or we can turn and face the current storm to try to come to terms with the crisis, learn from it and hopefully move on with our lives. While none of us wants or looks forward to bad times in our personal and/or business lives, sometimes an unexpected turn for the worse forces us into ventures that we never dreamed we would be doing. Here is an example of a person prevailing over adversity:

Patricia Gallagher, mother of four children, created a “Team of Angels” pin accompanied by a special poem she wrote when she felt totally overwhelmed after her husband suffered a debilitating accident. She felt compelled to give away 10,000 of these pins and poems to help others who were struggling with personal crises, in addition to giving 5,000 to U. S. troops serving in Kosovo. When people who had received the free pins asked Gallagher if they could purchase more pins to give to friends, she began to sell the pins along with new poems she composed. This demand resulted in launching a successful home-based business that involves Gallagher’s entire family – including her 74-year-old parents.

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