Second Half Champion Award – Wells Fargo Advisors

John and Patricia Gallagher, with the support of their four children, began speaking to community groups and organizations about depression and other mental illnesses and, specifically how it affected their family, after John who was hospitalized for depression, jumped out of his hospital window. Thankfully, he survived. He very sadly did not realize that he had depression. This attempt disrupted and changed not only his life but his family’s as well.

Patricia was a former Account Executive and John was a Financial Analyst. Both have MBA’s in Finance. Patricia and John and their four children wrote their personal stories in their family’s book, “No More Secrets.”


To help her deal with her deal with what was going on in her own family,  Patricia started  the  “Team of Angels” movement. She wrote hundreds of inspirational poems and designed a gold Team of Angels lapel pin which was attached to the card bearing the poem.  This accidental “random act of kindness” movement later became a family business. To date,  125, 000 pins have been sent worldwide,  helping others cope with trying times.



Wells Fargo Second Half Champion Award
Wells Fargo Advisors conducted a nationwide search for individuals age 50 and over who have made significant contributions to society, achieved remarkable goals and whose second half of life has taken on a completely different purpose than the first half. The Gallaghers were awarded the Second Half Champion Award in 2010.   Click the video below to view their family’s story.




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