Comments After Our Family’s Talk

Comments We Received After Our New Directions Speaking Engagement

January 20, 2010 · Leave a Comment

Our family was invited to speak for the Drew Sopirak Memorial Presentation. I received this letter after our presentation.

Dear John and Trish:

On behalf of New Directions and the public, I want to thank you for the excellent interactive presentation that you provided on April 27.  The audience reaction was excellent. The comments below are from the audience evaluations.

  • Very brave family. Their pain is serving a purpose and they will do much good.
  • Very impressed that they came out. Thank them for their story.
  • Good job and brave to tell their story.
  • Very interesting, true to life.
  • The program was excellent! The topic was very applicable, essential, and breached a previous void in discussing the impact of mental illness on a family.
  • Better than what I expected. Very enlightening!
  • Wonderful honest presentation.
  • Excellent!
  • Wonderful program! Lots of courage!
  • Thank you. Excellent presentation. Great honest presentation.
  • Thanks for helping to decrease the stigma. It is only by sharing that we can make progress with this.
  • Wow! Thank you.
  • Excellent.
  • Amazing courageous family. This was an excellent presentation.
  • It was a great presentation. Bring them back again.
  • Excellent program. So important to expose the family secrets.
  • The Gallagher family’s freshness  added to the depth of the story and the pain…a brave family.
  • The family’s story was very inspiring, very real and very honest. I felt validated in my own experience.
  • Heartfelt answers. Ryan at age 18 was amazing.
  • Keep with the good work. This family should talk in many other  events.
  • It was great having a family all speaking especially regarding mental illness.
  • The story touched me. The Gallagher family is amazing and proves that there is help for depression and anxiety.
  • It was wonderful that the children and parents are willing to open themselves up to help others.
  • Wonderful. Thank you.
  • Excellent. Great.
  • Excellent and very healing.
  • Very nice and interesting family. Very inspiring to bring things into the open.
  • Unresolved grief and trauma. I am struck by the fact that John’s suicide attempt occurred when his son was nine years old.  John was 9 when his mother died and I think that is more significant than genetic predisposition. The Gallagher’s need to realize that Ryan was indeed affected by his father’s situation.
  • This presentation will /can become awesome with practice.
  • Thank you to the family for coming. This helps to reduce the stigma of depression and other mental illnesses.








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