We have all heard of taking “one day at a time” or maybe “one task at a time.” Sometimes, these quotes remind us of how to manage the crises in our lives or inspire us. What are your favorite quotes?

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  1. When there is a stopping in life —- just take a look — it may be the redirection you’ve wanted all along.

  2. Charlotte Leavitt

    The only thing I have to say is from God’s Word tht is “You are to love your neighbor as yourself. I believe with all my heart that it is the greatestest quote ever put down on paper. I used to feel that I could only love other people however, my love was only transparent because at that time I was not able to love myself. My thoughts told me that other people were more important then myself even when my giving was not from the heart. The reason I say that is because I was only giving because I wanted others to love me and there is where the problem lies. I was so deficient in my own self that I needed to give to others to make me feel like I was worth something. I can only marvel at the transformation in my psyche in the past several years. I know now that the greatest love is my love for myself because then I can honestly love others and appreciate. Everone I meet brings ne things to my life and it is the most wonderful feeling. I now know honest self love.

  3. If you are called from within and you don’t take a look and explore —- there will be regret of things undone.

  4. “Learn to love someone when they least deserve it, because that is when they need your love most.” RC

  5. In the end I long to be able to say — I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I frowned, I felt, I loved, I was loved and I lived.

  6. It is possible for one soul to experience so much disappointment in one lifetime that all the inspirational quotes around are rendered powerless. This one (I believe by sensitive, Russian Romantic composer, Tchaikovsky), perhaps because it is so practical, is the only one I have personally come across that retains that power: “Rejoice in the happiness of others and it may yet be possible to live”. Tchaikovsky.

    You may also be interested in some of mine:

    “None are so chained as those who strive to be free”. Christala Rosina.

    And for those who have not quite lost hope:

    “So are our dreams like shadows of some form/
    already in existence . . . “. From ‘Silhouettes’ in “Watercolour Essences of Moon” by Christala Rosina (available from all bookshops and Amazon).

    Thanks for reading. For more about me and my work (and more quotes), please visit my website at http://www.christalarosina.co.uk

  7. What makes the days beautiful? Go after that.

  8. “We never walk alone for we are never alone….”

  9. Regarding the need to not “Tough-it out alone” and the need for friends and/or a support group to get you through your transitions & Dark Nights of your Soul:

    “…I have seen that in any great undertaking it is not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself.” – Lone Man (Isna-la-wica) (Teton Sioux) Native American

    As Bob Urichuck has noted, the following quote allows me to shift focus and “keep on keeping on”…” especially when “the going gets tough, the tough get going” and I have to engage a determinism of my will where I decide, “I will not take, “NO” for an answer!

    Then, this lovely phrase instills enough hope to endure yet another day, esp. when facing one of those Dark Night of the SOUL.

    “…This, too shall pass…” ~ Unknown

    All to Love,
    Sharon Quinn,
    founder of SELFGnosis; co-founder of Antakarana Co-Creation Learning Projects (AKRNA) non-profit, and AMMA Montessori

  10. Never allow someone to be a priority in your life…when you’re just an option in theirs. ~ Anonymous

    This quote is one that has helped me put in perspective my relationships with people.

  11. The best way to uplift yourself is to focus on uplifting someone else. You will get an automatic boost as a natural response to helping another person.

  12. Consider every so often: “Realistically-Idealistically where do you wish to be in 3 years and 10 years from today”

    And, somewhat related to the above, keep in mind that: “while not everything is possible, do not hesitate to: Challenge Conventional Wisdom, Realistically (CCW,R)” ________________________________

    Dr. Gordon Patzer
    author of, “Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined” http://www.GordonPatzer.com

    Email: Gordon@GordonPatzer.com

  13. I’ve learned an enormous amount about depression as a therapist treating depressed clients who have overeating and overweight problems. The quote I use for myself and my clients is, “We’re always doing the best we can.” I like the way it expresses self-acceptance and hope. So many people who have depression use food to manage stress and distress. They try to heal their food problems without treating their underlying depression or only address
    depression without looking at the beliefs and behaviors that keep them abusing food. My FOOD AND FEELINGS WORKBOOK
    addresses both problems.

  14. “Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things!”

    O.P.C.A.E.T. !!

  15. Slow down to speed up! Patience is a critical element of achieving your goals. Taking carfeul steps pays off more often then rushing to complete the process. Doing something wrong at 100mph is less effective than doing something right an inch at a time.

    Plateaus are places that the weak use to make excuses, stepping stones are what the strong use to reach their goal.

  16. “No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent.”

  17. This is something I remind myself of when things are not going right

    “This too shall pass”

    I also like this quote
    “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, and that is why they call it the present.”

    Keep your focus on what you want, not what you do not want. manage your thoughts and self-talk to attract what you are looking for, instead of what you do not want.

    Go to http://www.DisciplinedForLife.com and download the first three chapters free

  18. One quote that helps me is “Fear not tomorrow, God is already there” -Ruth Graham

    That gives me assurance that God loves me and tomorrow is not a surprise to Him.

  19. I have another quote:

    If you surround yourself with good and righteous people, they can only raise you up.
    If you surround yourself with the others, they will drag you down into the doldrums of mediocrity, and they will keep you there, but only as long as you permit it.
    Author, Mark Glamack

  20. In all thy ways
    acknowledge Him and He
    shall direct thy paths.

    Proverbs 3 : 6

    (someone gave me a card-like a business card- that says the above, with a picture of a path leading to some mountains that shows a sun rising above the mountains. I have been carrying this card with me for over 25 years.)

  21. “Belief is the catalyst that sets action in motion”.
    Bob Brumm

    If a positive belief is strong enough you will take action to achieve the goal you believe.

    “When you change the way you look at things,
    things change the way they look”.
    Dr. Wayne Dyer

    So many times in our crazy world, we need to take a moment to see something from a different angle to see a positive outcome or opportunity.

  22. All human life has its seasons and cycles, and no one’s personal chaos can be permanent. Winter, after all, gives way to spring and summer, though sometimes when branches stay dark and the earth cracks with ice, one thinks they will never come, that spring, and that summer, but they do, and always.
    Truman Capote (1924-1984) U.S. author

  23. You are not your condition. You are that spark of light that you always were. Come out and play.

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