Why I Began the Team of Angels Project – Free Gift for You

My absolute favorite project in my whole life is the Team of Angels project. Please click this link to see more than 100 Team of Angels poems that are free for download. They are 8.5 by 11 color prints of poems for all occasions.

I hope you like the Team of Angels poems and share them to let  the people in your life know you care.  I care about you, too! Please click this link to download as many poems as you would like – tokens of friendship, sharing and caring. Please share this link with others.

Please click to free download of more than 100 Team of Angels poems

I invite you to print one or many and share with others who need hope, encouragement and friendship. You can make a beautiful gift on a budget by just printing out my poems and then place in a frame or laminate at the local Staples or office supply store. Jazz it up with some Dollar Store stickers, ribbon, flowers , pearls or other embellishments – and voila! You have a gift to take or mail to someone in the hospital, to a coworker going through a hard time, or to delight a friend by sending a Have a Nice Day greeting.

See how pretty they turn out. Just print the free download and have fun adding the little Dollar Store embellishments or your own creativity to make your own gifts. Why buy a card? Just “Send a Team of Angels to Help.”

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People ask me how the Team of Angels Project began. It is a long story but the truth is that it was my way of coping when John was going through his depression. I actually wrote 3 books about my journey and the journey of how God led me to write so many Team of Angels poems. Here are the titles of my books related to the Team of Angels Project. I would love to speak to your faith community and welcome interviews and speaking engagements.

  1. The Pass it On Team of Angels Lady – One Mom’s Effort to Pin the World Together with Angel Pins
  2.  What Can God Do with a Woman Like Me? 
  3. The Gift of a Team of Angels –  Spirit-Lifting Poems of Faith, Comfort, Hope and Peace


To purchase the Gallagher book titles on Amazon or Kindle:CD-cover
Here is a link to Patricia’s Author Page which shows 14 books Amazon/Kindle