Real Dads. Real Men. Real Families. Real Depression.

I recommend the following websites for resources related to mental health issues:

National Institute of Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Real Dads. Real Men. Real Families. Real Depression.



How did this program begin? The Gallagher’s  campaign began when a CPA firm and a Philadelphia based foundation offered a development grant for the purpose of bringing John and Patricia’s campaign to organizations. Programs were enthusiastically received by the United Way Kick-Off campaign at Exelon  Power Plant, Women in Recovery, Meadow Wood Psychiatric Hospital, the New Choices Program at Montgomery County Community College, as well as many Rotary groups, schools, civic groups, hospitals, and churches.

Are messages tailored for addressing depression in the workforce? John and Patricia Gallagher are founding partners in the Speaking About Depression Initiative, which aims to destigmatize mental health issues in the workplace. One of the programs offered is titled Speaking about Depression is a Good Business Move.

Are there programs specifically for the faith communities?
A special program titled Hanging on to Faith When Life Falls Apart is an uplifting and informative presentation with a practical and faith-based message geared for churches, schools, retreats, spiritual and organizations.

John and Patricia Gallagher welcome interviews, consultations, and speaking engagements. May be available on short notice.


Office: (267) 939-0365

Main website:



Private Painful Time


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