My Grateful Heart

How have you been blessed? What do you treasure in your life? Why do you have a grateful heart? Please share your thoughts to inspire others.

21 responses to “My Grateful Heart

  1. I have all the reasons in the world to have a wonderful and gratful heart, but I only need one, and that is because God wakes me up each morning, with a smile on my face and a praise on my tongue, I am grateful for the mind He has given me, I am grateful for the wisdom He has instilled in me, I am grateful for the peace He grants me, I am grateful for the food He supplies for me, I am grateful for shelter, I am grateful for my talents He has blessed me with, and I am grateful for this opportunity He has made available for me to share these thoughts with you all……..

    I have been an on again off again repenter and sinner, God has blessed me all the while, He has forgiven me over and over and over and over again, so I am most grateful for His forgiveness, I expressed alot of my experiences and incidents in my book entitled, God is good God is great (2008), which is available at Amazon and BarnesandNoble……..

  2. After 29 years with MS and having the pleasure of sharing my heart with several people, I finally found someone. We are both disabled and we can accept each other just as we are. I encourage people who are having difficulties to find a person to share their heart with that truly understands their struggle. Loving compassion with great understanding is not the same as sharing your heart without any compromise. I really feel that those who are single and deal with a disability of any sort can find another person who truly accepts you just as you are. When that happens, sharing your heart becomes the easiest thing in the world to do.

  3. walter daniels

    Most people in my situation would say that they don’t have anything to be grateful for. I’m in my 15th month in a Nursing Home, rehabbing from a severe back injury, working to get out. I retain about 15% function below the waist, from an injury I suffered on 12/4/2000, when I was rear ended by a Pick Up truck. It wasn’t until 2006 that I was finally diagnosed competently, by then my back from T11 to L5 had become inoperable from the Degenerative Disk Disease.
    Considering that this is the third time I have faced being unable to walk, I am grateful. In 1977, I destroyed 3 of 4 ligaments in my right knee, which was not cheap to repair. Then, in April 1994, my Left knee was severely damaged in car-pedestrian accident.
    During the time between 1977 and today, I have changed careers twice, and started and lost 3 businesses, due to the injuries. Now, I’m finishing a book about how to effectively Advertise, Market and Sell, for Micro Businesses. At the same time, I’m looking for a grant to fund a web site to sell the book and related items. Being here, doesn’t leave much after paying bills, so I can’t fund it myself. My gratitude comes from the fact that so many times I could have been unable to walk before, and could until now. I’ve also met some really wonderful people, while rehabbing.

  4. I remember as a child that I could never understand why there was so much pain in my family that it would cause them to hurt me in the ways they did, and even though I did not understand at that time I never once thought it was God’s fault. I reasoned in my mind and heart that if this beautiful earth that we live in with so many wonderful things to enjoy and appreciate was created for mankind to enjoy then there are a reason why there were so many horrible things going on in my life. As a child I suffered from depression and much anxiety simply because I did not know from one day to the next whether or not I would be a victim of such horrendous sexual abuse or not. In my life it was almost a daily occurrence. Knowing this fear looms over your head everyday you can understand why I felt such fear and anxiety because there was no one in my family to help me. We were all surviving the best we could. I am grateful to know that I am not a victim and can forgive those who hurt me with their own sickness. I have always been very resilient and I found many ways of coping with my abuse. Splitting off was very valuable to me because I created my own family of alters. At this moment in my life I am whole and I am just me and there is no need for the alters anymore because they served their purpose and when the extreme pain was dealt with the alters were not needed anymore Life is Good!

  5. Although it is still not clear how kids (and adults) “get” depression – genetics, chemical imbalances and so forth are the common diagnoses as far as I know.
    Now, dealing with kids who have depression, recognizing the signs and other problems such as anxiety that may also come along with it is the real goal.
    As an organizer I see clutter, lack of security, a cluttered mind, disorganization, an unclean surrounding and overwhelming feelings only add to the existing problem. Organization and removing clutter are a great start to helping someone who is depressed. This is the same for adults as well as children. As a teacher, organization in the classroom (well structures deadlines and expectations, a clean workspace clear of clutter, etc.) is helpful. While organization alone will not solve the problem – often seeking professional medical advice is necessary – it does help assist in day to day anxieties.

  6. I must say the on thing I am so grateful for is the fact that I can laugh and really mean it. To me laugh and not just nervous giggling is the most wonderful sound I can hear from myself. I love to hear the birds sing outside my door and watch them soar in the sky. I love the beautiful sunsets that we have they are so glorious and breathtaking. I love everything when it comes to God’s creation. I am grateful that he gave me the privilege of being a part of this human family and I treasure every friend that I have. I am grateful for God’s love and wisdom and mercy and loving kindness. I am grateful for God’s strength and power and above all his justice which has nothing to do with man’s imperfect type of justice. I am grateful that I can call him my friend, this amazes me because I am such an imperfect human being but I know if I keep wanting to serve him from my heart that I can call him my friend. That is the most that I am grateful for. I am grateful for his love he has shown me time and time again and his guidance in dark periods of my life. I can shine because of his love for me. I AM LOVED!

  7. I have battled with depression and anxiety since a child and it effected my whole life. I wouldn’t change a thing, though – dealing with this has given me the opportunity to see that I am strong enough to carry on. It has also led me to help others and understand through my organizing business how they are affected by depression.

    • Hi Suzanna,

      Can you share with us some of the ways that you are helping others? How does a young child “get” depression and anxiety…what are your thoughts about that? It would be so interesting for teachers to understand that. I taught for many years, and sadly knew nothing about depression in kids. I would have been a better teacher if I had the opportunity to learn from you.

  8. One of the best ways to show gratitude is to find something that is worse off than we are and help them. In the past it has helped me through a difficult period of unemployment. What it does is get us outside of ourselves and our own little worlds and realize that we have so much to be grateful for. Before I go to bed each night I have a special book called a gratitude book that I write in. That brings to the forefront and forces me to focus on, and think about all the good things that I have in my life. Since we are able to only hold one thought at a time, the more we are able to think about positive things, the less we will have to think about what we have lost, or don’t have.

    Harvey Deutschendorf
    Author of The Other Kind of Smart, Simple Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence for Greater Personal Effectiveness and Success, published by American Management Association

  9. The challenge then isn’t to kill our hearts’ desires when expectations are dashed and to allow disappointment to further bolster an already wounded heart. Instead, a reframing (in the attitude department) is in order. Accepting the fact that people will rarely respond in the way you might hope (or think you need) is a place of great freedom. And peace. As one counselor puts it, always aim to weigh heavier by giving more than receiving, no matter what.
    In other words, see a need; meet it. Observe a wrong; right it. Hear an unkindness; counter it. Do it with eyes that see and a heart bent on lifting the burdens of people nearest you. Do it intentionally and often. Better still, do it now.
    There is a memorable line at the close of an old film where actress Diane Keaton, who portrays a woman dying of cancer, tells her younger and estranged sister that she’s so grateful for the love in her life. Whereupon her sister misunderstands and assures Keaton’s character, that yes, everyone does indeed love her. Keaton immediately and vehemently protests and then offers clarification, “No, it’s not me that’s been loved.” Now don’t miss this important distinction. Keaton explains, “I’ve been blessed to have had the chance to so love them.” So then, a met (or unmet) expectation can be a beautiful thing.

    Michele Howe, author
    Burdens Do a Body Good
    Single Parenting Columnist

  10. I have suffered one of the worst possible experiences I believe we could ever go through, and risen above that tragedy. My only son, Connor, died as a baby. I had waited 17 long years for him, and when he was taken from me due to a lung infection, I plummeted into a state of depression. I wanted nothing to do with my religion, my family, friends, or the world. I just wanted to die to be with my son.

    I rose above this tragedy after a series of events led me to believe my son is my guardian angel, constantly watching over me. His short existence changed our entire community, and we now do many things in his memory; mainly, random acts of kindness in his name.

    The more I serve others, the better I feel, and the closer I feel to my son. I found in my grief journey that there are so many families that have lost children that need to heal but don’t know how to begin. So I wrote and published a book. I have always been a writer, but this is the first time I actually felt a need in the world for what I had to say. Through my experiences, my book has helped many people, myself included. Each word, albeit difficult to write, healed a little part of me. You are never the same after going through such a loss, but you CAN learn to make a beautiful life in memory of your child. I did, and I am so grateful for that.

    I am so very grateful for this trek I have had to endure, because it has helped me to change the world; even if it is only one small act of kindness at a time…it benefits not only that person, but myself as well.

    My book is titled Too Precious For Earth and is available at my website, Also, you are welcome to sign up for my free monthly newsletter that gives inspirational thoughts and ideas on living an enlightened life.

    This amazing gift we call life is something we should guard and appreciate. I know I am thankful for all that I have! ♥

  11. Being grateful didn’t come naturally for me. I learned to meditate
    and was taught that gratitude could change my perspective…and it
    did. Instead of grumbling frequently and daily, I’d practice being thankful
    for all the wonderful things I have, for my friends and family, for great and small happenings during my day, accepting
    compliments, remembering how cheerful I felt listening to the birds or how uplifted I felt after hearing some moving music. Gradually, I found that I smile more and more fully appreciate all the little things as well as the big things
    that make my heart feel full and bring smiles to my face.

  12. I decided not to wait around to be invited to someone’s Thanksgiving dinner this past year. For a foreigner, these holidays can be really challenging! Instead, I hosted my own special day and invited some of the people who have meant a lot to me over the year. It was a blast – I even bought a turkey fryer! I enjoyed the day so much and found myself filled with gratitude all weekend long.
    Feeling good reminded me of the research done by Dr. Robert A. Emmons. As a professor at UC Davis, he studies the psychology of emotion and religion and is particularly interested in ‘happiness’ and ‘well-being’. It’s his research on gratitude that interests me, because he has found that people who are grateful, feel good.

    More specifically grateful people experience:

    greater well-being in life

    more vitality

    less depression and stress

    more positive emotion

    are more pro-social

    tend to be more spiritual

    place less importance on materialism

    Sometimes one may feel that there is little for which to be grateful for. I know that the holidays, in particular, are a sensitive time for people who are hurting. My encouragement to you, is that if you sometimes feel you’re the only person in the world, consider becoming the world to one person! Don’t wait around to be on the receiving end, get out and find a way to give! Research proves that you will feel better once you exercise your gratitude.

    Kathryn (

  13. For me, my perfectionism made me very ungrateful. I thought everyone
    should do it 100% the way I wanted otherwise I had an entitlement to be
    dissatisfied. To become more grateful I recognized that there is a
    difference between perfection and excellence. No one can offer me
    perfection and I can’t do it perfectly either. But excellence is when we
    do the best we can with tools at hand. For instance, when my husband
    told me he did the dishes, I started to tell him he hadn’t done a good
    job because he didn’t also wipe off the counter. But then I realized he
    had done the best he could with the training he’d received from his
    mother and I could be grateful. As a result, he did the dishes again the
    second day. If I’d been ungrateful, he would think he can never please
    me and then never do the dishes again.
    (My book, Why Do I Put So Much Pressure on Myself and Others? talks more about this.)

  14. I am grateful for good people like yourself who do there best to make a better world by providing blessed thought and hopefully one day we will be able to communicate with each other in the blessed way that is being asked of us from the teaching of that which gave us life from people and beyond

  15. I am very grateful for the personal gifts I have been given that make my life easier than it is for some others.

    I am very grateful I was oh, so lucky, to have wonderful parents who always did the best they could for their children, even when it must have more than challenging at times.

    And I’m grateful for the strength I have been given to persevere, though at times it has been hard. Every time I have thought I can go no further, I have been given the strength for just one more day – and the next day is always better in some way.

    This world is a beautiful, amazing place, the sun rises each morning and each morning I have the choice of how I will make good use, or not, of the day.

    Everything else is just details. {smile}

    • Thank you, Pam. Oh, what a positive and refreshing outlook you have. Thank you for sharing it. Is there another category in the above tabs where you would like to share your experience, strength and hope? So nice to “meet you.”

  16. Thank you, Mahatma. I needed to hear you wisdom myself today. Thank you for sharing it with me and the people who visit our site. And blessings to your dear mother and father.

  17. I have been blessed by my ability to envision a brighter day. Even though some things aren’t as I would like them to be, I can appreciate the fact that I can achieve each and every single goal I have despite some dreary circumstances. What I treasure in life is building for those who are after me. I know that the actions that I display now will pay off in the end for the generation after. I have a grateful heart because of my mother and the knowledge my father had. His ability to let me know of my purpose without speaking it to me is wisdom beyond understanding…Bottom line “Advance and never halt, for advancing is perfection, advance and do not fear the thorns in the path for they draw only corrupt blood”
    -Khalil Gibran

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